Rolex “green glass” milgauss watches

7What is Rolex lightning? Of course, this is Rolex “green glass” milgauss watches. This watch is also the classic. Now let’s know more about this watch.

The designer and craftsmen pay for numerous painstaking efforts in each watch. Especially this milgauss watch because there are many details should be considered. Such as the color of watch hand and dial plate scale, the function and appearance. Etc.

Although this replica rolex watches haven’t the function of dive or date display, But most people like it because its Modeling Elegant, especially the orange lightning-shaped second hand which also called “milgauss” and this needle is very famous

Rolex green glass is its nickname, but the mirror surface of this watch is blue crystal glass. The black dial plate looks calm and magnificent. This 116400GV-72400 adopts 904L stainless steel watchcase and watchband which makes the watch looks full of arrogance.

Adopt the new movement and quipped with PARACHROM Mainspring, the Diamond Escapement with escape wheel which manufactured by paramagnetism material and this equipment has strong antimagnetic effect.

Although this rolex replica swiss 116400GV-72400 haven’t the date display, But for the people who always careless this watch is their best choice because of its functions of noctilucence, antimagnetic and anti-vibration.

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